Databricks Accelerators

Databricks Accelerators

Expedite deployment of your Databricks solutions

Our Databricks accelerators enable rapid implementation of Databricks based solutions to common industry use cases. As a Databricks strategic partner, our teams are constantly developing accelerators specifically geared towards Databricks ecosystem.

The KonDAP (Konverge Data Accelerator Program) family of accelerators helps you seamlessly connect with multiple data sources compatible with Databricks lakehouse storage and helps you quickly migrate your data into and from Databricks lakehouse.

Our Databricks DBRX based accelerators enable you bring the power of Databricks’ state-of-the art open source LLM into your business workflows.

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AI Co-pilot (1)

Generative AI Co-pilot

A Databricks DBRX powered co-pilot that can be trained on your own dataset to quickly build your own AI co-pilot.

Automated Support Assistant (1)

Automated Support Assistant

A Databricks DBRX powered customer support assistant to automate common support workflows

AI Co-pilot (2)

Ed-tech Tutor

A Databricks DBRX powered adaptive teaching assistant to personalize content delivery based on student capabilities

sales forcasting

Sales Forecasting

A KonDAP powered accelerator to integrate data from sources into a specialized AI model tuned for granular forecasting.

Digital pathology (1)

Digital Pathology

A computer vision powered accelerator to analyse and classify pathology slides for automated (or human-in-the-loop) diagnosis

Predictive maintence

Predictive Maintenance

A KonDAP powered accelerator to integrate factory data into Lakehouse for deploying predictive maintenance

Recommendaion engine

Recommendation Engine

An pre-trained recommendation model that can be quickly fine tuned to be your your recommendation engine

Marketing mix

Marketing Mix Modelling

A KonDAP powered ML accelerator that helps you productionize Marketing Mix Modelling solutions in 3-4 weeks


Customer Segmentation

Integrate data (real-time/historical) from across sources into Lakehouse to deploy customer lifetime value based segmentation model

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